Best City Electric Bikes

In the ranking of the best electric city bikes in London you will find all our detailed reviews. Buying a new electric city bike is always a critical moment due to the variety of products and the different possible options based on the technical equipment included.

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Cycling or commuting to work? Fun in the open air or on the London cycle path? How do you want to use your electric bicycle? Here you can find some examples of use:

Urban Use

The ebike for urban use is most often an everyday tool. It is bound to wear out more quickly than a bicycle with occasional use.

Off-road Use

When the e-bike is intended for sports use or touring, the frame, motor, battery, wheels and tires are designed differently.

For Mixed Use

Mixed electric bikes they adapt perfectly to the requirements of the urban environment and allow free riding in rural areas.

To Carry

They are useful for people who have to travel daily with their young children or with heavy luggage (bag, work instruments, parcels)

Best City Electric Bikes in London

Folding or compact electric bike

It can be transported in the subway, in the train, or in a vehicle. It is also easy to store in an office or apartment

Fat Tyre eBike

These larger wheels allow you to move with greater stability on soft ground such as sand, gravel, earth or snow

Best Electric Bikes: What to Know Before Buying

First of all, an electric bike without pedals is not allowed in the UK is a quick clarification given the frequent questions about it, in the UK the pedals are mandatory and they are not even the only limit to keep in mind. The second limit to observe when choosing an electric bike is the speed not exceeding 25kmh - 15.5mph and a maximum motor power of 250W.

Electric city bike for riding in London

How to choose an electric city bike for riding in London

A few last tips on the world of electric bicycles before seeing the best ones. An electric or pedal assisted bike is exactly like a normal bicycle with the difference of an engine capable of assisting pedaling and giving more thrust on climbs or having less effort on long journeys.

These bikes can basically be divided into three categories:

  • The classic ones that sometimes already have a roof rack or basket and are comfortable because they allow you to easily carry weights.
  • The folding electric bicycles which, as the name suggests, can be easily folded and transported.
  • The hybrid electric bicycles or those that are suitable for practically all uses.
Benefits of using an electric bike for commuting

Electric Bike a Revolution in Commuting?

Air quality in larger cities has been a growing concern in recent years and in major urban areas such as London there have been increasingly stringent restrictions on the movement of vehicles. The introduction and expansion of congestion charge daily rates (it now costs £15 per day) have seen an off-road price for many older vehicles.

The benefits of using an electric bike for commuting are obvious: cheaper, faster, and great for health! And don't get us wrong, riding an e-bike every day, even for a few kilometers, can be extremely beneficial for your physical health and mental well-being.

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What Makes a Good Commuting E-Bike?

In this article, I will focus on e-bikes that are specifically suited for everyday commuting. It is true that any electric bicycle can be used to get to and from work and some of you may prefer bicycles of specific cycling disciplines such as mountain bikes or road bikes.

If you are seriously considering making the switch to using an electric bicycle for your daily transportation, then you need to consider a number of things:

Electric bike cheap price in London

How Much to Spend on a Good e-bike?

However, not all e-bikes are identical to each other, in addition to the extremely different cost, also the characteristics and the target audience can change significantly depending on the needs.

The infinity of products available on the market makes the choice particularly complex, but in the next few lines we will try to recommend the best models to invest in that you can easily purchase on

Best Budget Electric Bike under £2000 in UK

ST3IKE ADO A26 Urban Family Bike 500W

Urban Electric Bike 500W with Outstanding Comprehensive Performance for Its Price

If you’re looking to explore some new trails, expand your weekly ride routes, and have some fun doing it, the ST3IKE ADO A26 electric mountain bicycle has the perfect blend of trail performance and power to give you the ride of your life. The frame was constructed from Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy, which is equal parts, strong, lightweight, and incredibly responsive. The design of the frame is designed according to human body mechanics. Together with the dual disc brakes and high strength steel fork, you will enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

This exceptional bike retails for £994 including shipping

Xiaomi Electric Bike Himo C26

The Himo C26 is a new electric bike from Xiaomi that is designed for both urban and off-road riding. The ebike has a robust design with an impressive range allowing you to ride up to 100 km on a single charge. The lightweight and sturdy frame, 26-inch wheels and 7-speed gearbox ensure that you can confidently navigate not only the paved road but also the challenging mountainous road.
With the Himo C26, you will get reliable transportation when travelling any distance.

This outstanding ebike retails for £997 including shipping


Electric Beast for the City and Off-road

The SUV FOLD X is designed for flexibility, it has a folding frame, allowing you to take it places other еbikes won’t go. In its folded state the SUV FOLD X easily fits under most desks and in other out-of-the-way places.

The SUV Fold X is designed for men and women that want not just an eye-grabbing fat tire electric bike but something which packs all of the best part parts to provide a superb ride, it is a capable climber but also joyful in the city.

This outstanding fat tyre ebike retails for £1.499 including shipping

ST3IKE A16 Folding Electric Bike

The ST3IKE A16 e-bike is a folding, lightweight and ultra-compact electric bike. It is ideal for families, commuters, campers, boat owners or simply for city dwellers who want a practical electric bike for their getting effortlessly around town.

Tipping the scales at just 21kg, the ST3IKE A16 is extremely lightweight. Thanks to the 6061 aluminium alloy frame, ST3IKE ADO e-bikes combine lightweight and rigidity.

This great folding ebike retails for £799 including shipping

ENGWE ENGINE PRO 750W Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike

If you’re tough and strong, you’ll be even so when riding ENGINE PRO. With this rugged open-air companion, your distinctiveness and toughness can’t be boasted more!

The ENGWE ENGINE Pro is a slick, stylish fat tire electric mountain bike. The 20 Inch aluminum alloy frame has a bright brushed finish. With a 750W high-torque motor and up to 120 KM battery range, it’s ready to handle any mission. This still a versatile bike for those that want a easy carry comfortable bike so it can easily fit into the boot of the car/caravan/motorhome.

This fantastic folding 750W ebike retails for £1349 including shipping

Lankeleisi XF4000 Electric Mountain Bike 48V 16Ah 1000W Fat Tyre MaxSpeed 50kmph

The LANKELEISI XF4000 has Large Capacity Removable Battery Equipped With 48V 16Ah Lithium Battery, which Is Made Of High-Performance Panasonic 18650 Battery Cells offering up to 30-50km on pure Electric and up to 60-80km with pedal assist mode.

This is the best electric mountain bike for adventure or anyone who want to enjoy an electric bike. This e-bike will be the perfect partner for mountain bike adventure tours with friends, family or cycling groups.

This ultra-power 1000W ebike retails for £1595 including shipping